Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Mystery - 10 years old girl delivers twins

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A mysterious incident of teenage pregnancy is shaking the entire Fako division, and many refuse to believe, until they confirmed the reality with the own naked eyes.

A 10 year old child, whose name we got as Lydia is the proud mother a set of two healthy boys. Lydia, is resident in the South West craziest and doubious town of Mutengene.

The primary school girl, whose parents were not aware of her maturity, said she started seeing her period at the age of nine, but hid it from everybody.

She also started sleeping with the father of her twins months before she got pregnant, and when she discovered she was was pregnant, she told her lover boy who immediately jilted her and changed his resident.

Her parents were surprised when she  re-emerged with a ready to deliver pregnancy, after disappearing from home for months.

To crown their surprise with shock, Lydia delivered a set of twins, and she and the kids are reportedly doing very fine

The question the community is throwing back at the parents is " Is she really just 10 years old?" If the answer to this question is 'YES', then we are obviously in the last days of this evil world

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