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Must Read True life story- I charmed a Priest, today nemesis has caught up with me

43 years old HTL reader has decided to go on air and cry out her past mistakes, looking for a better tomorrow. Don't scroll pass, read through.

"I always heard the word 'nemesis', but never thought it was real, until recently, when a Man of God pointed into my eyes and said nemesis was hunting me, and that until I confess my past, my present and future will be on a stand still.

I won't want to disclose my name, but call me Polly, as its my pet name.  I come from a christian family with decent educational and moral background. I am the 3rd child in a family 8, and what am about to say, will kill my parents and shock the world if they know my real identity.

When I was 19, my cousin of blessed memory Bernadette introduced me to her Priest boyfriend, who did everything for her, including paying her school fees. Bern, as we fondly called her, was so happy with Rev. Fr. P, who always joked that Bern was his missing rib that he will get joined to in the next world.
Must Read True life story- I charmed a Priest, today nemesis has caught up with me
Bern had a friend, Jessica, who also is of blessed memory, who too had her own priest boyfriend. 

The way these clergy guys treated their girls, gave me the zeal and courage to dream of having one for myself.

Rev. Fr. P was transferred to a distant location, and this caused a strained to their relationship with Bern, who immediately replaced him with another.

Bern was no longer interested in him, because she had found another, but he kept begging her to come back to him as if  his life depended on her. She changed her phone number because of him, and asked me to go and seduce him if I so admired him.

Honestly speaking, not only was Fr. P handsome and  charismatic, he was the lone son of a wealthy couple who lived abroad, and who took care of him in his Priesthood like a school child. 

His shoes, perfumes and cloths were all imported, with two real cars in his name, plus their family duplex where he spent most of his spare time with Bern, he was just the perfect dream of any woman, though marriage was out of the dream game.

His transfer was destabilizing to him and us, but since Bern had given me her approval to lure him to myself, I grabbed the opportunity and made my plans on how to put him in my net.

I traveled to the city where he was transferred, and he was so happy to welcome me, thinking I brought him good tidings from Bernadette. He hosted me in their Parish guest house, and introduced me as his cousin to his fellow Priests.

When he had time, he called me into his office and cried his eyes out, professing his undying love for Bern, the things he had done for her, how he gave her 1000.000 F CFA cash when her mother died, how he gave her heaven on earth etc....

I am not a Catholic christian. Bern and I were Full Gospel Sunday Christians. I did my best to console him, and throughout my one week stay in his parish, I was finally able to drift his attention away from Bern, and made him take a closer at my then really beautiful fair skin.

I was able to get him in-between my legs, before I left, and it was hours of unending pleasure, and I was like 'wow! coming from an altar guy'! I couldn't help, but imagine how a long night in his company would be.

After that experience in bed with him, I became more determined than ever not to let him go.

Bern was already comfortable with her new catch, and what I didn't understand till her dead was why she choosed to seduce only the men in Cassock, and actually made a decent living from what they provided her.

She encouraged me to keep Rev. Fr. P, and so our meetings became frequent, but from the look of things, he wasn't passionate about me, and so I thought he was using me to heal the wounds Bern left him with.

I was the one putting all the fuel to heat up the relationship, because he would never call me. I was the one calling. At times he will pick and at times he rejected. But I really genuinely loved him, plus all the parcels that were tied to him, I wasn't going to leave any stone unturn in getting his full attention.

I spoke with Bern and Jessica about my frustrations, and how Fr. P's lack of affection towards me was hurting my every fiber.

The girls told me that Jessica's grand mother was a charm specialist, and if I had the courage to do what she will ask me to do to have Rev. Fr. P's full attention, she will put him in my palms.

They took me to her, and at that time, I was already 24 years old. Jessica's grand mum had an Ape in her jazz room, and any woman who wanted to charm a man will sleep with the ape, use the mixture of the ape's sperms and your specimen, mix with some powder to prepare food for the man to whom the charm was destined.

I had sex for almost 45 minutes with the ape, until it released its sperm in me, that I used the feather of bush bird the lady gave me to pull out the substances needed from my vagina.

I used the charm plus the powder, washed my vagina with, and used the water to prepare koki beans and sweet potatoes, which was Fr. P's most preferred dish.

I  paid him an unexpected visit with the food, but his welcome was lurk-warm as he blamed me for visiting him without invitation. He justified this with the fact that if I had informed him I was coming, he would have asked me to wait because the Parish guest house was full with some visiting Priests.

All those explanations or what did not mean anything to me, because all I wanted was for him to eat his koki beans and sweet potatoes.

He asked me to go to a hotel, not far from the Parish, where he joined me later, ate his portion, and spent the night with me till the next day.  He kept telling whoever was calling his phone that he stepped out of town for an emergency.

Hours after he ate the portion, his feelings for me reached a climax where he begged me not to go far from him, and suggested  I relocate.

I convinced my family that I was going job hunting, my parents gave me their blessings and prayed that I succeed, but I instead relocated to be beside this guy who couldn't spend 10 minutes without hearing my voice. He had become infected with my love virus.

He gave me money to look for a two bedroom flat, where he paid one year in advance, furnished it, and spoiled me like never before.

The charmed worked well until news of our relationship was all over the place, I was attacked left and right by catholic Christians, I was the talk of the town, but to Rev. Fr. P, all their noise was just a bla bla bla.

I don't know whether it was the issue of our relationship that made the church to transfer him, but he decided to take off his clerical cloth and asked me to run away with him to Malabo.

We spent eight months of hell in Malabo, and because he couldn't take care of my wants anymore, we started having series of fights.

I began trading my body to make ends meet. He became jealous, and started nagging, putting spies behind my every move and action.

The Charm was working more than I bargained for, and I didn't want any of his love or chewing gumming on me anymore, so I abandoned him in Malabo, and ran back to the country.

While in the country I went to check on Bernadette to brief her of all what had happened, but was told she got killed in a ghastly motor accident on her way to Yaounde.

Two months after my returning into the country, Jessica too died of a mysterious illness, and I was so scared that I decided to change my old ways.

God blessed me, and I met Victor, my present husband, who treats me like a queen, but for five years, I have not been able to give him a child. All medical examinations proves that I am 100% fertile, and so is my husband.

Ever since we got married, Victor' businesses have all crumbled, and he has sold all his cars and lands because of one misfortune or the other. The worse is that each time we make love, his rate of bad luck steps up, and he gets into one trouble or the other.

As I write, he is under police custody, and might be sent to jail for an issue that has no story behind.

Everyone is pointing accusing fingers at me, saying I have a spirit husband.

Victor's  patience is exhausted, and his family is threatening to throw me out and bring in another woman for him, because they say soothsayers have told them that am a source of bad luck to my husband.

Last week, my friend Patience invited me to her church, and when her Pastor/Prophet saw me, he said I and only I alone can free myself from my curse and childlessness, and that if I should confess my past mistake, then he can deliver me.

He advised I confess to Victor, but I know the man am married to, and if I tell him, he will walk out of my life for good. I love him so much, and I don't want to lose him what should I do? Confess and live happily or seal my lips and watch destruction befall my husband and my entire life?

I don't even know where Rev Fr. P is, I can't tell if the church took him back, but it was all my fault. 

What should I do? Please advise me directly through this blog or through

Thank you".

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