Friday, 26 August 2016

Fight against insecurity in Cameroon - A Brigade Commander Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam arrested

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Suspected of being the leader of an armed bandit group terrorising the people of the Mayo Tsanaga Division in the Far North Region, Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam was arrested on the night of Wednesday 24th Aug 2016, alongside his accomplices.

A member of the Vigilante Group in Mokolo  declared that once there was a robbery incident in Mokolo, and he recognised a Gendarme among the bandits, who also recognised him. Another person from the group of robbers was telling the Gendarme to shoot him, and the voice was no other than the voice of Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam, whom the Vigilante guy knew very well. Whatever made the Gendarme to spare him God alone knows.

This incident was reported to the Gendarmerie Legion of the Far North, and it culminated to the other reports that had been piled in their office from the population.

It is said that these reports got to the Head of State, who requested that investigations be opened. Colonel Dambouka , Commander of the Far North Legion was the head of this investigative team. The first results of the investigations revealed that the robbers were using war ammunitions to attack their victims.  Theses ammunitions, were often found on the sites where they operated.

With this first revelation plus the information at hand, the Investigating team went to the Brigade, and started interrogating the Gendarmes one after the other, when one of them decided to cough out the truth, saying he will not die alone. He called the names of his accomplices, among which was his boss Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam.

Traders of the Mokolo town have been the target of these evil men since September 2015, and series of arm robbery operations and killings have also been recorded in numbers.

Six other military people have been arrested as well, and Captain Hamadjam Hamadjam is at the Maroua Central prison, where people like him are to be kept.

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