Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cameroonian Scammer sentenced to one year imprisonment in India

A Cameroonian by name Eric David Notendo has been slapped a one year prison term in India.

According to  Times of India, Chief Judicial Magistrate Dilip Ragit  took the decision on Tuesday August 16th 2016, almost one year, after Eric was arrested by the Ambazari police.

The paper reported that before his arrest in September 2015, Eric presented himself as the Representative of a Global Automobile  Brand company, in a bid to scam a 64 year old man. 

Eric told his mogul Prakash Bagde that he was the lucky winner of a 5 lakh pound, an equivalent of $652 025, and that to enter into possession of his luck, the old man needed to pay some money for formalities.

The old man wired 90500 INR(Indian Rupees) worth 787,350 F CFA into a certain account, and after he had paid the money, Eric invited him to a hotel to come and collect his cash prize.

During the meeting in the hotel, Eric handed a bag to his mogul, telling him the bag contained the cash price of $625 025.  Upon checking the bag, Prakash discovered that the content of the bag was common pieces of papers instead of Bank Notes.

He quickly alerted the police who raided the hotel and caught Eric.

Eric was sentenced to one year imprisonment in accordance with the Indian Violation of the Foreigner's Act 1946, and The Passport Act 1967 with  a 52 161 F CFA fine.

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