Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Camair-Co New Director General - Who is Ernest Dikoum and what is the nation's expectation from him?

Ernest Dikoum - New DG for Camair-CO

It all came as a wild wind to the staff of the crumbling Camair-Co, when a Presidential decree appointing a new Director General of the corporation was announced.

Paul NANA SANDJO out, replaced by Ernest DIKOUM.

49 years old Ernest Dikoum has been sent by the Head of State, to save the dying Camair-Co, that has known no growth but struggles since its re-birth in 2009. Speaking during the handover ceremony, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo'o, Tranport Minister said Mr. Dikoum is an Air Transport Specialist, with rich experience and qualifications in the sector, needed to boost Camair-Co.

Educationally, Mr. Dikoum is a holds an Associate Diploma in Tourism from the Economy and Tourism Institute of Rabat Morocco  in 1992, a qualification in the Management of Data Base and System from the Computer Learning Institute of Virginia - USA in 1996, an Executive MBA  at the Emirates Aviation College, and an MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management from the Coventry University in the United Kingdom.

Professionally speaking, Dikoum was the Senior Pricing Analyst at Iceland-air North America, from 1998 - 2004, Pricing Analysis Superintendent - Americas at the Emirates Airline from March 2004 - June 2010, and Area Manager at the Emirates Group in Senegal from 2010, where he participated in the Commercial expansion of Emirate Airlines in Senegal and other offline markets in West Africa such as Mali, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinee Bissau, Guinee Conakry and Cape Verde. 

Before his appointment at the head of Camair-Co, he was just promoted to the position of the Southern African Regional Director of the same Airlines, with the job station at Harare Zimbabwe.

Ernest Dikoum's challenges as the New Director General of Camair-Co will be to revive the falling Airline, and in other to succeed, he must implement the relaunching plan proposed by Boeing Consulting, which was to increase the fleet to 5-18  Air crafts, flying 27 destinations by 2020, with 5 of these air crafts flying the international air, 13 flying the sub regions and 7 serving the national territory.

For this to happen, Cameroon must have to completely wipe off the Airline's debt evaluated at 35 Billions of F CFA, and put invest 60 Billions of F CFA to revive the Corporation's activities.

It should also be noted that Camair-Co's 700 man power, is too much liability for a corporation, whose output is always at a deficit.

Will Ernest Dikoum brave the storm, and save the corporation and his head in the future? The best advise for him, will be to make sure that his predecessor did not handover questionable holes, and that he does not make the corporation a loitering place for his family and clansmen.

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