Wednesday, 24 August 2016

At least 22 dead after 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocks central Italy (photos)

AT least 22 people have been killed and many more are feared dead after an “apocalyptic” 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Italy overnight. An eight-month-old baby, his nine year-old brother and parents are feared to have been among the dead after being buried by rubble as they slept.

Dozens of buildings collapsed in the town of Amatrice – near the popular tourist city of Perugia – trapping scores of locals in the debris.

Several other surrounding towns and villages were decimated by the quake.

Rescuers have reported hearing the voices of those trapped beneath the rubble as the local mayor declared: “My town isn’t here anymore.”

The death toll rose quickly throughout Wednesday morning as rescuers continued to pull bodies from the rubble. The quake was so strong it could be felt in Rome - 100 miles away - and even as far as Croatia.

Buildings in the Italian capital shook for 20 seconds, according to La Repubblica. The epicentre was in the Umbrian town of Norcia with the town of Accumoli also badly affected.

More than 100 people remain unaccounted for in the village of Arquata del Tronto. Aleandro Petrucci, the mayor of nearby Arquata, said: 

"It's a disaster.
"We are trying to evacuate the village and move them to a sports field. I've just arrived and I feel like crying.
"I've never seen such an apocalyptic scene except for the L'Aquila earthquake on television."

Source: The Sun

Photo credit: Mail Online/AP/AFP 

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