Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Another Scandal in ENAM - A candidate's name appears twice on on different Fields of studies

Ever since the release of the entrance results into the National School  of Administration and Magistracy ENAM, there have been so many comments and questions on the issue of one candidate ATANGANA Joseph Yannick, whose name appears successful on two different Fields of studies.

ATANGANA Josph Yannick, whose name appears on the 11th position on the list of successful candidates in Economy and Finance, also appears on the 26th position on the list of the General Administration, thereby throwing a breeze of suspicion and foul play.

How could that be possible? Is the question on every lip.
Could it be typing errors? Is another question

While waiting for the Administration of the school to address this confusing issue, Cameroonians cannot help but shake their heads in disapproval to this act whether intentional or unintentional, that might have pushed one candidate out of the list to double another.

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