Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Accident along the Douala - Yaounde Highways - Garanti VIP bus falls into a valley killing 1

Cameroon's top interurban transporter Garanti Express, was involved in an accident yesterday,  killing one  49 years old Françoise Magne  and wounding 18 other.

Eye witnesses say the  70 sitter VIP bus that tumbled into a valley in Missole, at the outskirts of the Douala road - Edea road, was trying to dodge an upcoming truck, speeding over a pothole, heading face to face with the bus, to have caused what would have been recorded today as one of the deadly accidents of 2016.

The well trained and smart driver took a safer measure, plunged the bus into a practicable valley, where passengers were rescued and those injured are currently receiving treatment at the Laquintinie hospital.

Watch video below:

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