Friday, 29 July 2016

Operation Sparrow- Hawk - Former CRTV GM, Amadou Vamoulke joins his predecessor Prof. Gervais Mendo ZE in Kondengui

Amadou Vamoulke, former DG of CRTV

According to reports coming from a local TV channel Vision 4, former CRTV Boss Amadou Vamoulke has joined his predecessor in the Kondengui Central Prison Yaounde.

The local newspaper 'Le Quotidien de l'Economie' on its 1st July edition reported that the former CRTV boss was  under investigation at the Special Criminal Court(SCC), thus was restricted to leave the country.

The paper continued that Amadou Vamoulke was indicted on the 20th of July 2016 by Justice Mrs. Annie  Noëlle Bahounoui of the SCC for embezzling the sum of 2.8 Billion F CFA, representing a deficit in the CRTV Treasury Report since his arrival at the top in January 2015.

Following this accusations, the ex DG requested for counter expertise assessments of the report, which was accorded by the SCC, and three experts were given at his request, for an in-depth and comprehensive audit on the matter.

The results were idem to the previous one, but Mr. Vamoulke said he met this deficit during the handover of CRTV to him, and that the said hole was put in the Treasury during Mendo Ze's reign.

As at the time of reporting, HTL had not gathered enough facts, but you will be updated as in other OPERATION SPARROW HAWK stories.

"It will be a tough battle for both men in Kondengui".

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