Monday, 25 July 2016

Jealousy to what extent? - Jealous Lover Allegedly Attacks Her Boyfriend For "Impregnating" Another Woman. (Viewers Discretion Advised)

This is what a young lady did to her boyfriend for allegedly impregnating another woman. She decided to destroy his life all due to her un-contained jealousy. Wealths Israel shared the pathetic story on Facebook. Read below;
Beware of whom u choose to be with. What a jealous gf did to her bf. Simply because she heard a rumour dat her bf impregnate a gf. Without finding out 4rm d guy. She came to visit d guy on dat evil day. Pretend to pass d night. At midnight wen d guy was asleep. She woke up. Bleached red oil and poured it closely to d guy face and body. Then she ran away. She is nowhere to b found. Wat a wicked heart. Dis is not tel me I tel u. I knw dem and I have seen them together havin fun,playin. Smilin and even eating together.

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