Friday, 29 July 2016

Cameroon Entertainment Bereaved - Late Achalle's mother says her son died of SEXUAL ABUSE

Achalle Denise ATEM alias ACHALLE - RIP

While the world and Cameroon in particular is still shocked at the death of  artist Achalle, who was Cameroon's ever first winner of the 2006 "Star 2 Demain", Canal2 live broadcasting talent search program, the mother of the deceased surfaced on an online video, attributing her son's demised on sexual abuses practiced on him when he was a child.

The grieving mother sitting on the floor, with a bible on her hand as a source of consolation  said sexual child abuse messed up her son's life, and led him to his early grave. She said he confided everything to her, and that she will be in Cameroon very soon, and will expose the culprits who sexually harassed her boy when he was a kid.

Achalle until his death was undoubtedly  best vocalist of his generation, and sources says he died of a liver disease that he battled with for three year.

Watch her video below:

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