Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Weird story - Corpse of angry woman passes out faeces continuously

A 53 years old lady at the Bilonge neighborhood of Douala called Ma Jeanne Djassap from the Western Region of Cameroon is tormenting her family who neglected her when she was sick, and have come out in their numbers to make decisions on how to bury her flamboyantly.

Ma Jeanne from a polygamous home of three wives, was the last out of three children from the first wife. During her flowering years, she owned a wholesale shop at the Mboppi market, and had a lone daughter who died five years ago due of difficult delivery.

The shook of her daughter's death pushed her to series of traumas; high blood pressure, diabetes, and other complications, that made her bid ridden. She sold her shop and used the money for her failing health, but still couldn't regain herself.

Her only surviving brother died three years ago, leaving her under the care of his wife. The wife threw her out months later, and she became destitute. She went to a house that her brother left in her name in his will, but her late brother's wife and children falsified the will and gave her just a room to squad her frail body in.

During her years of illness, none of her step brothers or sisters came to assist her, but for her childhood friend Therese, who took her to her home during her last days on earth.

Ma Jeanne died at 5 p.m on Saturday the 4th of June in Therese's house, and she called her relatives to inform them. About 7 p.m they came in their numbers and in all their grandeur. They didn't bother to ask where  the corpse was, they were interested in their numerous meetings that will come and support them, the number of chairs they were to rent etc.., to give her a high class burial

One family member told HTL reporter that when the finally made up the minds to take the corpse to the mortuary, they went and carried her, at once Ma Jeanne started defecating hot faeces on them. They dropped her body to the floor, and the defecating stopped. They cleaned her, and wrapped her in a wrapping bag, but she started defecating again, and this time the faeces that came from her bowels burnt up the entire wrapping and splashed on the step brothers that carried her. The odor of the faeces was stronger than that of rotten eggs.  

A native doctor neighbour came and told the family that what Ma Jeanne's corpse was doing was a very bad sign, and that since they all abandoned her when she was sick, they should not do any ceremonial funeral, and advised that they bury her immediately.

All through when the native doctor was explaining, the corpse was calm, but when the family insisted that they must put her in the morgue to give her a befitting burial, the defecating started.

They finally understood that she real meant business with them and started making arrangements to bury her in Douala. Therese and some of her friends washed the corpse, dressed it and kept it behind the house, where the family came and took it the next day and buried it at a local cemetery.

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