Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The Maryland Sex Tape story - An HTL Reader Shares Her story

Following the sex tape video of a Cameroonian girl based in Maryland USA that was released yesterday, by a certain Facebook user Mekone Sone, an HTL reader takes advantage of the heat to share her story and warn her fellow sisters.

The reader whose name is witheld for private reasons is begging IT gurus to help get the tape for her.

" I am a University Graduate  aged , with an 8 year old daughter, whose father travelled to Europe and dump us. After I graduated, things really went wrong for me, and I saw that travelling abroad was the only way for me to get a bright tomorrow. After two failed attempts in the US and German embassies, I decided to try my luck online, by looking for a whiteman, who will facilitate things for me.

In  February this year as if an answer to my prayer, someone sent me a friends request on Facebook, which I accepted, and his profile picture was that of a white guy in his early forties. 

When I accepted his request, he never wrote to me, until after three weeks, when he sent me a message saying he would like us to chat at 7 pm my time. That evening I dressed to kill, and went to a cyberlink, where I paid for two hours. At 6:30pm I was seated behind a desktop screen, and browsing, waiting impatiently for my new found friend.

Sharp 7 p.m, he logged in and we started chatting. He said he was a French/English guy on vacation in London, and has heard alot about Cameroonian football, so he wanted a friend from Cameroon. We chatted casually, and he promised that he was coming to Cameroon in June(this June).

Our chats became regular, and I started developping feelings for him. He called me on phone severally with an unknown screen,, but never gave me his number. 

In March he asked me to send my full names to him which I did, and within two days he made someone sent me  from France. I thanked the Heavens for him, and told him my entire life.

I even told him that I had planned to travel, but failed. He asked how I was supposed to travel, and I told him my parents were to sell one of their houses in Buea to foot my travel expenses.

In April he asked me to get a laptop, and sent me 300 Euros to buy one, which I did. He asked that I install skype, which I did, and so I stopped going to the cyber as I was connected live from home.

From when I installed skype, he changed our meeting time from 7 p:m to 11 pm or midnight. I would sleep during the day, and get up at 8 pm, so as to be able to chat all night. 

Our first vigil date was on a Friday, and he asked me to take off my bra so he could see my breast, and we chatted all night till 5 am, with his asking me to caress my breast. Our next date was on Sunday, and he wanted to see every thing about my nakedness. 

He kept sending teaser messages to remind me of how am going to show him the stuff am made on that Sunday. Finally the Sunday came, and we met at 11:45 pm and I foolishly opened my entire body to him. The most confusing aspect was the fact that I was not seeing him because he said  if he puts his skype video on, he was going to lost connection. I belived him, without knowing he was videotapping all my actions.

I caressed myself, fingered myself, played with my breasts and opened up my leg to let him see the width and depth of my womanhood. All these I did with the passion of a real sex pet, and had ecstacy more than twice in the act. At 5 a.m Monday morning, he told me how blessed he was to have me, and that he will be busy till Thursday, so I should just be looking at his pictures and stay happy.

Thursday morning, he called me on his usual unknown number and asked me to connect on skype, that he had something important to show me. I quickly went online, and behold I recieved a video  file from him,titled "5000 Euros or I Publish". That was  the title, and then it started playing with my normal pictures, date and place of birth. Then the images continued and Lo and Yes, it was I in all action.

I stopped the video and asked him what it was all about, but he insisted that I watch till the end. I watched my own very stupid self made porno tape, speechless till the end. It's a 1hr30 minutes tape, that ended again with 'Pay 5000 Euro or I publish'.

He said I had two hours to think and write him on how I was to pay this money by calling a certain numberskype:+22965747625, and that was how I knew I had gotten myself in trouble. He said I should call the number and get further instructions, which I did.

I pleaded that I was a poor graduate, but he said he is a businessman. That I wanted a whiteman to better my life, and that he too is looking for means to better his life.

He asked me to tell my parents to sell the house they wanted to sell to send me abroad and send him the money, latest the 20th of June, or else he will public my self made porno titled " 5000 Euros or I Publish" to all social medias.

He even said if I got anyone to call him about the said tape, he would instantly publish it. Each time he calls me, he puts the video to play while we chat to torment me the more.

I can't sleep, I can't eat and am living in perpetual fear. If there is anyone who can help me destroy the tapes, I will forever be grateful. I regret my every action, and I plead with other girls like me, who meet strangers online and show secum to their wishes, to read my story and share it as wide as they can."

Hum ladies have you heard?

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