Sunday, 5 June 2016

Mystery in Douala - Business Lady gets caught under the sea by physical water husband - Must Read

Mr. Tchienjou Alex has fled his home with his children, after returning from the bottom of the Wouri River in Douala, where he went to get his wife who has been taken hostage by a so - called Great Master and king of the Wouri river.

Mrs.Tchienjou Alice, wife of Alex and business woman at the Douala Central market,  travels thrice a year to Cotonou to buy goods and sell back home, a business she has been into for the last six years.

Alice's best friend Idalie, who too is a business woman in the same market,  travels to Cotonou as well at times on bi-weekly frequencies or at least monthly for the same purpose.

Idalie's stock is always one hundred times Alice's stock, and whatever high price she tagged on her goods, customers will by-pass the other shops selling at competitive prices, and buys from her shop. And until her stock is complete, no one buys from the neighboring shops.

Alice decided to ask her friend the schemes behind her quick sales, and reason why she was the darling of customers. Idalie  promised to show her the quick selling scheme, and so told her they need to discuss about it after all rush hours, so that she Alice would understand better.

On the 25th of May 2016, Idalie  asked Alice to meet her at Total Lycee Bonaberi at 10:30 p.m so that they discuss without interruption. Alice who has a 6 months old baby called her mother who resides at the Mabanda neighborhood to come and help her babysit her toddler, while she goes on a business appointment.

She met Idalie at their rendez-vous spot, and by 11 p.m, the two ladies drove and parked their cars at the end of the Wouri bridge. Idalie gave Alice an egg, and asked her to hit it on the road after her.  Alice followed the instructions, and when she broke the egg, both ladies diappeared and found themselves at the bottom of the sea, where they were received by an  man whom Idalie reverenced as Great Master and King of the Wouri waters.

Idalie explained the raison-d'etre of their visit, but the great master was far more interested in Alice, than giving her the charms she needed for her business to bloom. He told Idalie that his heart yearns for Alice as a wife, and that Alice would remain in the under waters with him as one of his wives. Idalie begged the great master to allow her return with Alice, and to look for a way to take her some other time, because everyone knew they both left for a business appointment, and if she went back without her, she might be killed.

But the great master threatened to retain her as well if she persisted with her request, and ordered her to leave his palace. He touched her with stick, and she returned back to the surface of earth, to face the realities of things and times.

Once on the surface of human earth, Idalie drove her car straight to a hotel where she spent some few hours nursing and nurturing the best story to narrate to her friends family. By the time she got to her house the next morning, everyone was looking for her, and it was only after being threatened by jungle justice, that she told the truth to Mr. Tchienjou, who refused to believe and insisted that Idalie  takes him to where his wife was. His mother in-law insisted on going as well, and the three left together for the depths of the sea. 

When they got to the end of the same Wouri bridge, Idalie gave each of her companion an egg, and asked them to hit on the tarred road, and once that was done, the threesome found themselves at the bottom of the sea, where they found Alice doing her chores as the new queen, without acknowledging their presence. Her husband and mother called her, but the spell she is under has made her forget the people who mattered to her.

When the Great Master came, he asked Alice the purpose of her visit with the strangers who were with her, and before she could explain, the master ordered her to leave his presence immediately, otherwise he would retain all of them in his bottom sea palace. Alice's mother insisted, but he warned her to leave before he got angry. At that he sent one of his servants to dispatch the unwanted visitors back to the surface of living humans, and his orders were carried out with immediate effects.

Within seconds the threesome were back on top of the Wouri bridge, and Mr. Tchienjou told his mother in-law that he was taking his children out of Douala and Littoral, for fear of the unknown, and that Alice decided to stretch her hands farther than where she hung her coat.

At the time of this report, HTL reporter was reliably informed that Idalie has not been seen ever since they returned from the under waters, and Alice's mother is crying out to strong men of God to help bring her daughter back to the surface of the earth.

Meanwhile, Mr.  Tchienjou and his three children have fled for their lives to a safe harbour, where neither Alice nor her water king can find them.


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