Sunday, 5 June 2016

Douala - Bonaberi - Landlord sets tenants car on fire because of two months rents

Remnant of the burnt Pick-up

Ndoumbe Ekosse Alain, landlord and owner of  four level house is warming the floors of one of the Gendarmeries in Bonaberi for taking the laws into his hands and burning down a brand new Toyota Pick-up 2014 model, belonging to Ndikum Puis, Commercial staff with one of the local breweries in town.

Puis whose  father in-law died in his apartment last April, has been a tenant of Ndoumbe for the past three years, and has never failed to pay his monthly rents of 80.000Frs, until the month of April this year, when tragedy knocked at his door and the father in-law who had came to visit them from Bafia, died in his house after having a sudden heart attack.

After the funeral of his father in-law in May, Pius was plunged into a temporal financial difficulty, and met his landlord to plead with to give him time to make up for the rents of April and May. Ndoumbe accepted his tenant's request, and gave him till the 3rd of June, to pay his arrears.

Friday June 3rd, Pius came home from work very third in a brand new Toyota Pick-up, that his employer gave him that same day as a tool of trade. He had not received his salary yet, and could not fulfill the appointment with his landlord, so when he parked the car, he went to inform the landlord of the delays from the bank, but met him in the presence of one of his creditors, whom he Ndoumbe had given appointment to, relying on the rendez-vous with Pius.

Pius explained that his company had already wired his salary to the bank, but the bank had not credited his account, reason why he hasn't brought money as promised. Ndoumbe refused to believe him, because he thought the car that Pius just drove in with was his personal car that he had purchased with his meager rents.

An argument broke out between the two and Ndoumbe said he will hold the car hostage till his 160.000 Frs. was paid. He held Pius on the shirt, trying to forcefully take the car keys from him, but Pius resisted and tried to walk out on him, when he ran out and reappeared 15 minutes with a 5 liter container filled with fuel, and poured it round the car.

By the time neighbours realized what was happening, the brand new Pickup, with Pius's laptop and other professional documents inside was in an unextinguishable flame. No amount of water or sand could put off the angry flames, that had ravaged the car to scrap.

Pius called the Gendarmes, who came and carried out a instant investigation, and took Ndoumbe away.

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