Monday, 6 June 2016

Church News - The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)'s Sacrifice Form Everyone Is Talking About

Have you seen this sacrifice form RCCG gave members asking for houses, cars, lands and money? According to the sacrifice form, N1m and above is a "divine sacrifice". Full month salary is an abundant sacrifice, but if you give your half month salary, it is dominion sacrifice. N200,000 gets you greatness sacrifice, N50,000 - golden sacrifice and N20,000 is a sacrifice for those wishing for the next level. The form was revealed online a few hours ago after The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 14 explained the benefits of sacrificial giving. Read below:

Welcome to the end of our month of sacrificial giving, it is awesome to be in the presence of God with Pastor Godwin James Ministering on the Topic: Overflowing Blessing (Part Two). He defined Sacrifice as something that will cause you something when you give it out. Examples:

1. Giving everything that you have Gen 22:2 -3
2. Giving out your most valuable things Matt 26:7

He mentioned that overflowing blessing will :

1. Bring you to the place of authority and influence
2. Will intimidate your enemies
3. Will put you in the position to help others

He also mentioned that your Provocative Sacrifice on the Altar will:

1. Avert Plagues in your life
2. Will bring a divine exchange
3. What is not enough will become more than enough (I kings 17:14)
4. It brings divine preservation, Restoration and Establishment (I kings 17)

He made mention of the purpose of Sacrifice, that it is to expand the Kingdom of God through Publication, Sponsoring Missionaries, Building God’s House, etc.

He finally said that when you are sacrificing, there must be an altar for your sacrifice, and also must be a flaming fire to raise a smoke to God in heaven.

We pray that your sacrificial giving will touch the innermost heart of God.

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