Saturday, 4 June 2016

Cameroon Music - Makossa Singer/Dancer Marydou cries for help from the Military Hospital in Douala

Kwin Marie Douala alias Marydou

From her hospital bed at the Military Hospital Bonanjo Douala, Kwin Marie Douala alias Marydou, Makossa Singer/Dancer and present worker of Huawei Cameroon cries for help.

Marydou who is a former worker of African Telecommunications giant in Cameroon, was recruited by Huawei Cameroon, a sub contractor for her former employer, to work in their  Rond Point quatrieme site. 

Marydou told HTL reporter that yesterday Friday 3rd June 2016, she was to work from 10 p.m till 7 a.m this morning. She got to the office on time for duty, but was surprised when some men from the Forces of Law and Order came for her in the office at 11p.m.

They took her to the Legion de Gendarmerie Bonanjo, where she was presented with a complain from her former employer, accusing her of stealing 40 million Francs through her phone.

Seeing the grievous and false accusations against her, she had a black out and was rushed to the Military hospital, where she is under tight security guard, and struggling to recover.

Marydou says she knows nothing of what she is being accused of, and believes it's all a setup from her boss, who is on the run.

Apparently her boss used his system to hack Marydou's phone number, transfer airtime worth 40 million francs and sold to call boxers, which is very possible.

Marydou is crying out to Legal Practitioners to help her out of the dragnet of her accusers.

See her posts below.......

Je suis couchée à l hôpital de suite suite d une crise provoquée par un opérateur de téléphonie qui m accuse d avoir volé 40 millions de fcfa au secours
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Général Yannick Monkam Hummm mince tu étais a la caisse? Un dealer a reçu l'airtime de cette somme en trop? Jusqu'a 40 millions ??
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Christelle Mikano Assia maman
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Perle Noire Ils n'ont pas trouvé le chat il accuse la souris mama essele loba é ndédi a ma senga a mènè assi ma tôpô ndé. . . Nounguè ma bôngô o wasse. Ne doute jamais de lui. Je t'aime bon courage
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Marydou Marydou Marydou Il exige même à mon employeur de me licencié
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Marydou Marydou Marydou Il manipule eux même leur système après ils viennent m accsser
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Marydou Marydou Marydou Je n ai pas les accès du système de cette société comment j ai pu avoir un ccredit de,40millions
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Watch " Comot for my face" by Marydou below....

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