Sunday, 5 June 2016

Cameroon - Douala - Woman stabs husband to death with a pair of scissors- Watch video from Equinox Tv

Douala continues to reserve surprises for it's inhabitants, following the unusual happenings plaguing the city. A  man named Joseph Bozeko was brutally murdered on Friday, June 3rd by his wife Fotso Laure, during a heated argument, that seems to be the couple's routine task.

Neighbours say Joseph and Laure were raising voices and insults at each other over the refusal of Laure to hand over their kitchen keys to Joseph who tried to forcefully take it from her, but met his untimely death, when she resisted him with a pair of scissors and stabbed him.

Some say it was a premeditated act, as the couple is known for quarreling and fighting, while others say it was an accident or self defense. But whatever it was, the consequences will surely land Laure some long years behind bars.

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