Thursday, 12 May 2016

Orphanage lady gets 10 years imprisonment for child trafficking

Orphanage lady gets 10 years imprisonment for child trafficking

Two years ago a certain lady of 45 years old was arrested and accused of child trafficking, after police caught one of her clients with a two years old aby wrapped in plastic loin, who revealed that someone sent her on an errand with the baby. 

This lady whose name we got as Mme Epey owned an orphanage in the Douala Bonamoussadi neighborhood, and rumours had it that she sold the children in her keeping illegally.

After two years of continuous trials, the High Court seating for criminal matters in Douala, declared her guilty of the allegations and sentenced her to 10 years imprisonment.

Witnesses who took the stand against Mme Epey said  she converted gifts donated by men of goodwill to the orphanage, and transformed them to her personal interest.

Some of the witnesses who testified against her where her workers,  and they told the court that Mme Epey had a group of customers from Nigeria and India, to whom she sold some of the children to,  at  the cost price of 10-15 million Francs per child..

One of the witness even said when a child at the orphanage died, Mme Epey would call the representatives of her clients to come and carry the corpse away to an unknown destination, and the dead bodies were always well dressed, and put in a luxurious jeep, fastened to a seat belt, so that no one would suspect anything.

Investigations of her bank accounts revealed that a periodic deposit of unjustified huge sums of money were made by some foreign names with some particular codes as description for the deposit.

Mme Epey and her four lawyers, failed to convince the court of her innocence, as all fingers pointed at seemed to have been real.

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