Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Essama Andre Blaise denies his involvement in the second destruction of General Leclerc's statue

Cameroun: L'activiste nationaliste André Blaise Essama est en prison

The Cameroon Nationalist Activist Comrad Essama Andre Blaise, is in another hot pot of soup, after he was arrested on the 12th of March 2016 for alledgedly destroying the statue representing French General Leclerc the second time.

During his first hearing on Monday the 16th of May 2016, in the Douala Court of First Instance, presided by Justice Mrs.Mbangue,  Essama denied having anything to do with the second destruction of the said statue.

He said he had an interview on TV that fateful day, and was riding his motor bike along the Bonanjo Post Office, where the statue is positioned, when he saw a whiteman trying to take photos of the statue. He said the statue's neck was one side, and being the patriotic guy he is, he decided to take a closer look at the statue, and stop the white man from filming the statue which according to him was poorly made.

While he got closer to the statue, he discovered that the materials used to fabricate the statue were fake, and he removed it, with the intention of denouncing the architect who fabricated the statue to the Government Delegate.

It was only then that the forces of Law and Order surprised and hijacked him to their station, where he was locked up for 19 days, deprived  of communication even with his Legal Counselor, and was later sent to the Douala Central Prison, where he is till date.

Essama told the court that the reason why he was interested in the deformed statue was because he was made to pay the sum of 150.000F CFA, plus served a three months prison term, in 2015, for intentionally destroying the same statue the first time.

Proving to to the court that the destroyed statue exhibited, was fabricated from fake materials, Essame pulled a handful of soil inside the head of the broken statue, used in place of bronze and clay to build it..

He proved his innocence above reasonabe doubts, but the State Counsel short of words after firing Essama with trickish questions which he brilliantly answered, decided that the case be adjourned for further investigations.

The next hearing has been slated for June 20 2016.

It should be noted that Essama brought down the statue the first time in 2015, with the justification that Cameroonian heroes who fought for the colonialism of the country in the early years, have not been honoured with statues, and for that reason, the statue erected for French General Leclerc should be pulled down. He single handedly brought down the statue, destroyed it down, and faced the consequences.

Essama Andre Blaise pulling down General Leclerc's statue in 2015

Essama Andre Blaise smatching General Leclerc's statue after pulling it down in 2015

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