Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Cameroon Douala - Cheating Husband gets crushed by a truck fleeing from wife

Mr. Essome Jacques is shamefully praying to regain his health and ask forgiveness from his wife Gisele and children,for lying and cheating on her with an unknown woman, who ran for her life.

Gisele, who is by her husband's side at the Douala Deido District Hospital told HTL that her husband Jacques left the house since the 19th of May, on the pretext that he was going to Yaounde to celebrate his friend, who was being Decorated on the 20th of May.

Jacques was to return on the 21st of May, but never showed up, and lied to his wife on phone that his said friend lost an in-law, and so he was to assist with the funeral before returning to Douala.

"I accepted his lies, but didn't know he did not step out of Douala, and that he was assisting his girlfriend, whose father had died". Said Gisele.

"After he had called me on Thursday the 26th, that he will be coming home finally the next day, I decided to go out and do some shopping, so that I could get some things for the family. Around the Bepanda Omniport juction near Camtel, I spotted his car, with a lady inside, and phoned him. He answered and said they were in a small meeting with his friend and his family. Then I politely asked if I could greet his friend, but he said his friend was chairing the meeting, and could not speak, but that his wife could speak to me. We were in a slight traffic, and I was directly behind his car, and could clearly see him talking .

He then insisted that I speak to his friend's wife, and handed the phone to the woman who was with him. The lady thanked me for allowing my husand assist her husband during their difficult moment, and that with time she and her husband will visit me. I didn't say a word to her, and asked her to give my husbband the phone, which she did.

I asked my husband to look through his driving mirror to see who was behind him, but he insisted he wasn't driving, when I insisted, he looked behing and saw my own car right behind his booth end. He open the door of his car, and asked the woman to flee for her life.

He left his car on the road, and tried to run across to the other side, when an upcoming truck crushed him right before my eyes. In shock, I ran to his rescue, carry him in my car and brought him here, where he is responding to treatment." Gisele explained.

We tried to tease her to see what kind of punishment she would give to him when he recovers, but she said God had already punished him, and that the punishment will be his repentant point, because he will have to explain to his kids what happened to him, and that alone will be the heavier punishment.

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