Thursday, 12 May 2016

A Tiger begets a Tiger - Cameroon's First daughter Brenda Biya hospitalised in US for overdose drug

Since Cameroonians have not succeeded in killing President Paul Biya, Brenda will kill him.
Reports from unconfirmed sources says Brenda Anastasie Biya, daughter of President Paul Biya and wife Chantal Biya is in a critical condition in a Los Angelos hospital, after taking excessive drugs. 

Before now, an online video footage showed the princess smoking with her friends in a rowdy environment. See video below:

The same sources says her heartbroken mother Ma Chantou flew to her bedside 48 hours after she got the news.

If this is true, we pray she regains consciousness, and return to her senses to be the examplary android youth of our time. 

Meanwhile series of prayers are being held in some churches to pray for her speedy recovery.

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