Friday, 22 April 2016

Wum Bike Rider Incident - 19 protesters to face trial at the Yaounde Military Court

Panic has resurfaced again in Wum, over the issue of the commercial bike rider who was stabbed to death by a military man in the early hours of January 24th this year, over an alledged dispute for a girl.

To recall, the Wum people got infuriated and took the laws into their hands, decrying justice for their son Leonard Ngong, and burnt down the military camp in Wum plus some of their vehicles, plunging the whole town into a go slow the next day. 

Remnants of the Military camp in Wum after the incident

Fon Ndung Noah Mvo, second class chief of the Waindo chiefdom was arrester days later, together with several others, and most of them were released later.

On February 17th, the entire town was raided by military men, who forcefully took away almost two hundred males from 25 years upward. The entire Menchum Division stood up to defend their own, but their minority in strength and voice could not overshadow the dark armed and furious government

Report says 19 of those  kept in the police custody were transfered to Yaounde on the night of  Wednesday the 20th, where they would stand before the military court in the coming days for their trial.

Those arrested, majority of whom are young men in their mid twenties were first taken to the courtyard of the Wum grandstand.
Images during the February 17th  February 2016 raid in Wum

Eventhough we are being told that the main culprit in this matter the military guy was punished, the government is not giving a second thought as to who killed who?, but they are concerned with who destroyed what? 

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