Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Law and Tradition - Botaland elites destroys Chief's properties, attacks Justice Tatsi over land dispute verdict

Cameroonian villages in all the regions are undergoing serious tribal internal crisis, that needs high level administrative intervention.

The people of  Bangolan in the North West Region are still on the neck of Fon Chaffa's reign as their Fon, and the matter is still in the boiler,  while the Botaland people in the South West Region are burning down their Chief's properties over what they call " unfair" judgement in a land dispute court verdict.

The beef here is that in 2014, 17 hectares of land  belonging CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation) was surrendered to the Botaland people.  Chief Mbella Metome of Botaland single handed decided to use this land at his convenience, attributing portions to whoever he deemed important, without consulting his people. The villagers did not find it funny that the Chief would dare such a decision alone, and so they started rioriting, accusing him of fraud, and selling of community  for his personal gain.

The villagers attacked some five men who the chief had hired to fell some palm trees that were on the disputed land. These men were bundled to the village square, where the villagers fisted on them to their satisfaction.

Confused, Chief Mella called for the intervention of the Forces of Law and Order, who came and rescued the  five men, and arrested seven villagers, who were spearheading the riot.

The seven villagers were locked up for a while, and later released on bail, with a case file open against them. charging them for assault

After countless hearing sessions and adjournments, Justice Theophilus Tatsi of  Limbe Court of First Instance ruled his judgement on Wednesday, April 13th 2016, sentencing the seven villagers to One Year Imprisonment each, plus a fine of 30.000F CFA each, or spend an additional 3 months should they fail to pay the fine.

Furthermore, the seven villagers: George Mbongo Monjongo, Daniel Essingila Nyao Molongo, Jonas Metute Ekema, Daniel Mbongo Mballa, Felix Boulendeli Molongo, Benjamin Nyao Molongo and Benjamin Nyao Molongo Jr, are to pay 300.000F CFA each, as damages to the victims.

Speaking for the accused, was Barrister Nongi who told the press that the verdict was a clear travesty of judgement, and that he was immediately preparing documents to appeal the decision.

The entire Botaland community decided to verbally attack the Judge, and physically confront their Chief, as a means to get their brothers back to freedom,  leading the entire village into a total chaos.

Will the Chief resign?, because reports says he and his family have remained indoors for fear of their safety. 

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