Sunday, 24 April 2016

RIP Papa Wemba - Africa's King of Rhumba die on stage at 66

Congolose iconic music star and one of Africa's most popular flamboyant musician Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba alias Papa Wemba is dead, according to a statement released from the music festival in Ivory Coast.The statement said he collapsed on stage on Saturday April 23rd, while performing in the Ivory Coast Music Festival, and died later.

His style of music, a blend of the Central African Heritage with Western pop, rock and rap, landed him the title of King of Rhumba.

Besides his musical influence, he popularized Sapeur fashion, an eccentric look with three-piece suits, shiny black leather shoes and flashy accessories.
Papa Wemba said he was inspired by his parents, who took great pride in dressing up on Sundays in the '60s, "always well-put-together, always looking very smart."
    But in the era of Joseph Mobutu, Papa Wemba wanted to challenge the status quo, so he devised the acronym SAPE, roughly translated from the French for "the society of atmosphere-setters and elegant people." He dressed his band, Viva La Musica, in the style, and fans across Africa soon followed suit.

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