Monday, 11 April 2016

Cameroon - Unidentified corpse of found in a construction site

Construction sites and uncompleted buidings are serious crime sites that government needs to investigate.

Most of these sites and buildings serves as harbours for criminals who uses it as their warehouse for stolen goods, smoking and drugging joint, sex parlour, rape hangar and lantrines.

Recently a young boy of about 10 years lost his life in a construction site where he got drown in an uncovered pit at the site. Another boy was found stabbed in an uncompleted building by unknown people. A young lady was raped and abandonned to her fate in an uncompleted building, a baby was aborted and dumped in an uncompleted building, and the list goes on and on and on.

On Saturday the 9th of April,  the corpse of an unidentified young man in his late thirties was discovered in an uncompleted building at the Nkoulouloun New Bell neighborhood.

The corpse was taken to the New Bell District Hosital morgue, with so many unanswered question as to what happened? who killed him? how did he get there? who owns the site? who goes there? etc.....

Maybe the answers to these unending list of questions will be brought out after investigations.

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