Friday, 1 April 2016

Cameroon Politics - Four Opposition Parties call for a One Week Nation Wide Strike to Contest Paul Biya's everlasting Stay in Power

A coalition of  opposition parties composed of Kah Walla's CPP, Maurice Kamto's MRC, Hon. Nkou Mvondo's UP and late Kodock's UPC have called the Cameroonian people to a nationwide strike that will last for six days, to force President Biya out of power.

Biya who clocked 83 last February, is in his 35th year as President of the Republic of Cameroon, and so far speculations hold that he will be running for the 2018 Presidential race, that might even take pace earlier due to recent mad calls from his CPDM party's members for an anticipated election.

The strike whose motive is to paralyze public activities to push the President out of his seat is said to begin on Monday 4th April 2016,  

Last Tuesday March 29th, the opposition coalition met with with a stiff reaction from Forces and Law and Order, as they were gathering for a Press Conference in Yaounde at MRC's headquarters and most of them were brutalised and arrested.

They were later released when pressure began pouring in on the government from the National and Internatiional angles.

Cameroon has more than 20 political parties who share different ideas and visions, and the bigger unanswered question is: How can a people of different mentalities work for the good of a nation?

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