Monday, 11 April 2016

Cameroon Hospitals insecurities - A handicap man drugged and robbed at the Yaounde Central Hospital

A 45 year old man whose name we got as TAGNE Patrice, who came all the way from Bafoussam to consult his neurologist in the Yaounde Central Hospital, was drugged and robbed of his four phones plus the sum of 150.000FCFA.

Patrice who uses the aide of his crutches to facilitate his movements arrived the hospital on time for his consultation. He together with other patients sat and waited for their turns to be ushered into Dr. Faustin Yapdzoem's office for consultation.

While on the waiting bench, a young guy in his late thirties approched him as a worker of the said hospital, and said that he would assist him (Patrice) to get into the Doctor's office. The said young man seemed to be familiar with the hospital offices, as he entered from office to office with a smiling face.

He told Patrice he is a staff of the hospital, and that he worked the night shift,and was preparing to go home. With all these, he automatically gained Patrice's trust. He took Patrice's health book, enter the neurologist's office, before coming to lead him inside.

The Doctor asked the guy out, so he could consult Patrice in all privacy, and at the end of the consultation, requested that Patrice carries out a Lumbar X-ray and bring the diagnosis to him.

Patrice went out and met his new found friend who was waiting for him. He pleaded with the guy to take him to the Radiologist, and offered the guy 2.000Frs for all his assistance.

On their way to see the Radiologist, the stranger guy advised Patrice to drink lots of water to facilitate the interpretation of his X-ray diagnosis. Patrice accepted the advise and begged his new friend to get him water.

The guy brought a bottle of Tangui water, but with some white substances inside that he told Patrice was for the purpose of his X-ray. He gave Patrice, who emptied the contents of the bottle, and immediately started feeling dizzy and slept off.

That was the last thing he remembered, only to wake up at 6 p.m to find himself on drips in a stretcher at the emergency Unit of the same hospital. 

His four phones and 150.000Frs cash had all disappeared, and his robbers sympthetically left him with 350frs, I guess to enable him pay his taxi fare.

Patrice was told that his unconscious body was found lying close to the Central Hospital morgue, and taken to the emergency, where efforts were made to revive him again. 

Further reports says that, there is an abandonned portion of the hospital close to the morgue, where the area boys use as hide out to operate their obscure activities, and only God knows how many of such incidents have gone unnoticed, and what became of the victims.

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