Saturday, 2 April 2016

Cameroon Healthcare System Mishaps- Should Andre Mama Fouda RESIGN?

The Cameroon Medical System has been on the scale for a while now, a situation that has been existing centuries, but the population are just begining to pick courage and speak up.

The recent Laquintinie Incident that saw a lady operating her death pregnant sister to save her twins who couldnt survive as well, the death of the quadrauplets at the Yaounde Central Hospital, and the HIV blood transfused into a little girl, have all sum up to raise eyebrows on the inefficiency of the Cameroon Health System that is being sounding loud and high on the  local and international medias.
Andre Mama Fouda - Cameroon's Minister of Public Health. 

The 31st March edition of Le Messager Newspaper dwelled on the incident of the litte girl who was anaemic and carried to the Chantal Biya's Foundation, where Doctors requested a blood transfusion, and she died later, because not only was she transfused a different blood group, but the blood was HIV contaminated. Her parents' lips were later sealed with a heavy financial envelop to mask the incident, but the perpetrators of this crime are still circulating in active service, meaning that more lives are in danger by their presence in these services.

The paper continued that three weeks ago, a young lady died in the Douala Bonassama District Hospital during surgery, because of power failure during the surgery,   and the generators of the hospital were all faulty, with no other substitute for power.

Again, four Doctors  are to face the disciplinary counsel of the National Order of Medical Doctors in Cameroon, for the death of their colleague Hélène Ngo Kana, who died out of negligence and lack of money, the paper said.

According to the paper, the Ministry of Public Health proved bad faith to the numerous cases of these medical mishaps plaguing the Cameroon government hospitals, and thus suggests that the Minister is incompetent and should resign with immediate effect.

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