Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Boko Haram - Chinese Lecturers of the Maroua University fleeing for their lives

The continues insecurities in the Far Northern Regions of Cameroon have frightened six out of the ten Chinese Lecturers of the University of Maroua to flee for their lives before it gets hotter for them.

Their premature departure has plunged more than 300 students, in which 250 are in the Faculty of Humanities into a lapse that has affected the smooth functioning of the jurisdictions of their curricular activities of this institution.
Prof. Edward Oben  Ako , Rector of the University of Maroua  - UMA addressing lecturers during New Year wishes ceremony

These lecturers whose presence in the University of Maroua saw the transfer of Chinese students from the University of Yaounde, dished their lectures using  innovative media platform resources that were just the perfect tools for an emerging Cameroon.

Finally, their departure affects not only the University students, but also about 90 others of the Higher Teacher's Training (ENS). 

The Rector of the University Prof. Edward Oben Ako said the departure of these Chinese lecturers is for precautionary measures, as most embassies have already  pulled out their citizens on duty from this danger zone until calm returns.

Prof Oben also appealed to  the three students enrolled for PHD in Chinese Language, to come and support the remaining four lecturers, so that the students could maintain their educational trends till the end of the academic year.

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