Monday, 11 April 2016

Another Military-civilian mishap. - Military man fires a student in Mora

Not only is Cameroon being plagued and scandalized by its poor health system that has been drumming world wide due to recent happenings, military-civilian head knocks are also raising eyebrows as to why military people should exhibit their shooting talents on defenseless civilians.

In January this year, a military man stabbed a commercial bike rider to death in Wum. In February a military man shot and killed another boy in Yaounde, in March a Mlitary man beat his siter's son to death in Bamenda, still in March a gendarme tortured a bike ride to death, and now on the night of April 4th, a military man with the Joint Multinational Force for the fight against Boko Haram shot and killed a student of the Government Technical Highschool Mora.

The military man whose name we got as Dekouana Habana Jean Baptiste and the Lower Sixth student Mouchina Mitsina Mourejeck were at lohgger heads over a certain girl at the Mbarma neighborhood , whose identity was not released to us.

After a heated argument, the gun man pulled his trigger on the defenceless student, who died on the spot. The culprit was later locked up at the Gendarmerie Headquarters, where he collapsed and lost consciousness for unknown reasons.

Investigations have been opened as usual, and we hope the government takes a drastic decision this time.

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