Tuesday, 22 March 2016

World Water day - Cameroonian Opposition Leaders takes to the Street to Protest Water Shortage

As the world commemorates World Water Day this year, Cameroonians took to the streets to protest the shortage of water plaguing the entire nation.

The protest that saw Iron Political Ladies Edith KAH WALLA and Patricia NDAM NJOYA take the lead was strengthen by a more than two hundred demonstrators carrying empty recipients of water.

The demonstrators cried NO NO NO to water scarcity, because water is life, and because it is our rights to have water.

With the inflation of water consumption bills, it is but normal, that we enjoy what we pay for, but since it is not working for the population, I think it is time we join our voices to that of the demonstrators and cry: NO, NO, NO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WE WANT WATER.

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