Friday, 4 March 2016

Streams of Endless Tears

I stood by his graveside and watched the casket bearers lowered the coffin of my husband Jerry into a hole 6 ft. deep. An angel from above. A man who never put off today’s assignment for tomorrow. A man who was always there when I called always on time and with all the love I needed. He wanted a child. He wanted something that will glue us forever. He wanted our blood to flow in a vain.'When God made his dream come true, he left. He left without touching his child. He went into the heights above, to the clouds beyond. He left me empty handed. He left me. He went to an unknown place. He took everything about me with him. Adieu Jerry. Adieu my Angel, Adieu my world.'

One hot Saturday afternoon, and I was returning from the funeral of a friend’s father who died in Bafang, in the Upper plateau of the Western Region of Cameroon. I didn’t travel with my car and so I had to go by public transport. The sun had dealt with me, and as I waited, for the bus to take off, I bought a cold soft drink to quench my thirst. The drink was very refreshing and I could feel my heated body cool down gradually to comfort zone.

The bus finally took off at 13:00, and I fell aslept for almost an hour before waking up. I was really tired and needed rest. While sleeping, I had a vision. I saw the heavens opened and a white feathered human being flew towards my family compound, and landed at my door. He gave me a parcel wrapped in gold and diamond. As I opened the parcel, he flew off and disappeared in the sky, leaving me in consternation. I was shouting please come backkkkkkkkkk, when someone tapped me on my shoulder and I jumped up, realizing that I was just day dreaming. 

An Angel was released from Heaven to change my life. This angel was sitting right beside me in the bus, and had been following me from the funeral place.
I recognized him because throughout the ceremony, he kept forcing contact with me.

When I jumped up from my sleep, I realized that it was the same guy at the funeral.
He jokingly asked if I had stopped my engine because a while ago I was snoring loudly before I started screaming. We laughed and I told him the vision I just had. We talked about how well the funeral went and about the big guys who were present with their big cars, for one could easily liken the funeral to a car exhibition. 

We finally arrived Douala and exchanged contacts. He called me sometime within the week, and I promised returning his calls, but couldn't due to my busy schedule. I was an Accountant in one of the Public Works Company.  He called again two weeks later and this time I returned the call and we met at a local food joint. He told me that ever since we met his life had never been the same., and that he wanted me as his partner.

While eating, he explained to me that he wasn’t into any relationship at that time and you could tell from his eyes that he was genuine in everything he said. 

He was a really sweet person. And his presence was very comforting. Our meetings became frequent, but without intimacy. He gave me time to make up my mind and finally I decided to accept his proposal.

Within two months of serious dating, he proposed marriage and in the fifth month of our courtship, he paid my bride price and took me to the altar.Everything about him was real, fast and achievable.

To me all these magical episodes in my life was just a mere dream, and if it was a dream, I never wanted to wake up from it. But to Jerry it was real. I had never ever seen a man as real as Jerry in my whole life. He fulfilled all his promises he made, and being the lone child of his very wealthy parents, he had the world at his feet, but was down to earth.

He bought me a brand new car, offered me my dream house; gave me Heaven on earth and treated me like the queen I am.

From when we started dating, the only thing I did was going to my office and work.
He hired me a cook, a laundry man, a driver, a yardman and a house manager sparing me of stress that I have been in for long. One day I came home from work very stressed up, and he asked me to resign, promising to set up my own business.

Three months after I resigned, he opened me a supermarket and made me the envy of every woman.

Then I started flying all over the world for my personal shopping and his own assignments. My days were brightened with fresh beautiful flowers every morning. He changed my world, and upgraded my family. What Kanye West is doing for Kim Kardashian, is what Jerry did for me Yvonne Takwi.

I blessed the Lord every day for Jerry, who woke me up every 5 a.m. to pray to God. In the evening we prayed together, His love for God was likened to that of the Great Psalmist David. He was a practicing Christian, a member of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Saint Jude Thaddeus’ prayer groups. He belonged to the St Anne Choir.

Jerry was every woman’s dream. Apart from his flourishing timber and other businesses, he was a humanitarian worker and philanthropist.

Three years after our marriage I got pregnant.  Jerry’s mother came and spent the entire pregnancy duration period with me. She did everything a good mother in-law could do. She prepared my special pregnancy diet. Followed up that I took my drugs, and counselled me on everything pregnancy.

Life with Jerry was a true FAIRY TALE.

During the fifth month of my pregnancy, my husband and I traveled to London to shop for the baby, and spent three weeks there, visiting the hospital where I will deliver, and return to Cameroon.

Two weeks before I put to birth my husband got me a baby sitter, accompanied us to London and came back home, awaiting the good news. He couldn't stay long because he had some business deadlines to meet up.

I delivered a bouncing baby girl, and when the news got to him, he danced, praised God and organized series of mini fetes in my absence to celebrate the birth of his daughter.

He decided to throw a big party upon our return, and printed invitation cards, inviting people all over. Everything was in place, and they were to be at the airport 30 minutes before I landed because my flight was landing at 7:30 p.m.

Jerry told me on phone that there were going to be a convoy of more than 10 cars to welcome and lead us home, plus a group of my favorite dancers. My sister had called before we left London, swelling up my excitement. Telling me how the whole world had been invited to my born house, how there would be a thanksgiving mass upon my arrival, and how the whole place was talking about the come and see event.

She didn’t exaggerate, because I knew who I was married to. He outsourced everything for the occasion to make it perfectly classic.
One hour before my flight landed, I had a sudden temperature that the medical flight attendants were confused. They gave me some first aid and I felt better. Arriving the Douala International Airport, I wasn’t excited for reasons I couldn’t explain. 

The babysitter carried the baby as we walked towards the arrival hall. I saw my father, Jerry’s father, my two sisters and two other elderly women. Surprisingly my husband wasn’t there, contrary to our arrangements.
The atmosphere wasn’t pleasant at all I could sense there was trouble. My sweet mother wasn’t there. My sweetest excited mother in-law wasn’t there. The dance group wasn’t there. The convoy of more than ten cars nothing. I didn’t think negative still.

After they welcomed me, my father in-law took the baby and gave her to one of the elderly women. ‘Where is my Jerry’?  I asked his father, who replied in a choked voice that he had gone to pick up some guests, who had missed their way. I took my father’s phone and dialed my husband’s line, but it wasn’t going through.

Then my sister Edith started crying, and every one rebuked her. She lied that it was tears of joy. My intuitions did not lie. My husband, my Angel and my best friend wasn’t anywhere in this world, because only death would have stopped him from coming to the airport.

I don’t know why, but while in the hospital, I kept asking him if he would be at airport and he always said My love only death can stop me from coming and even if I die, my ghost will be visibly there’.

As we drove home, I felt ghost pimples all over me again and again, and instantly my temperature ran up again. At my gate, I could see festive canopies, chairs and decorations indicating there was a powerful event, but the music, the music, oh the music! 
Nearer to Thee, nearer to Thee Lord, Draw me nearer, nearer to Thee. Nearer to Thee, nearer to Thee Lord, draw me nearer, nearer to Thee. O Lord, my songs every day, Father nearer to Thee, draw me nearer, nearer to Thee

That was my husband's favorite song playing in the compound as the car carrying me drove into the parking lot.

I could hear the wailing voices of women, and no one needed to explain anything to me. The elderly women who came to the airport had started telling me some strange parables, and I caught their idea, but refused to accept.

I stayed in the car perplexed, when my mother and mother in-law came to take me inside. The look on their faces made me fainted without hearing anything. When I regained consciousness, they lied that my husband had an accident and was at  the General Hospital under intensive care. 

When I insisted that they take me to him, they tried to fool me with cold water and topics on me and the baby, but it didn't just work. I insisted on seeing my husband, and so my father in all his elderly wisdom, summoned his courage and announced that My husband was dead.

On their way to the airport, Jerry’s car jumped into one of the potholes at the highways leading to the Douala International Airport, lost balance, and entered under a parked truck. He died on the spot, and his remains were cleaned, and put in the General Hospital morgue.

I fainted, again and was rushed to the hospital. Upon waking, there was a psychologist waiting to counsel me, our Parish Priest and some sympathizers. I thought of my baby. How her father would have wanted her to grow, and it gave me a reason to live for Jerry. 

The deed ws done, the calabash broken, and I knew no amount of tears would bring him back, so I challenged myself to give my husband a befitting burial. The baby whose name Jerry and I had formed merging our two names Jerry and Yvonne is called Jeryvon

The poor innocent little thing kept smiling throughout and this gave me more strength. Each time I carried her, I felt our blood flowing in her. The pact of her father’s dreams.

During the removal of the corpse, I made sure everything was well organized as he would have done it I was the dead one.

God gave me strength and Jerry’s ghost was visibly everywhere with me. All went well until during burial, when I felt a sword pierced my soul. I cried, I sang, I prayed and remembered the vision I had in bus, the day Jerry and I met.

He was that Angel Heaven released to me, and now he was laid to his final place of rest.

In tears, I read out this tribute to him;

The Heavens opened up four years ago and let out an angel into my world. Everywhere he went, joy flowed. Each time he passed bleeding hearts healed. Every second with him was a blessing.

Jerry BANDJOU, what happened? Did Heaven call you back to send you to another world? You were so full of life. You fulfilled everything you said and even fulfilled your word when you said only death could stop you from coming to the airport, and death did indeed stopped you.

I won’t cry, I will rather pray endlessly that you come back because Angels don’t die. They go on different Divine Assignments and come back to their base. How long will you be gone? When are you coming back?

Jeryvon is smiling innocently, my heart is bleeding and dark clouds have covered my world. Will you come back soon for me baby? 

You never wanted to see me cry, will you come back to dry up this Stream Endless of Tears in my eyes? The tears will never stop flowing. It will flow ceaselessly. Watch over Jeryvon and me from above Angel Jerry. I won't say Adieu because I know you are coming back to us.

The vision has been fulfilled, and you have disappeared into the clouds.

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