Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Save The Best for the King - See how the King of Swaziland Tests topless girls’ virginity publicly before chosing a wife annually. [PHOTOS]

As part of Swaziland's custom and norms, the King Mswati, choses  a new bride every year.
Half naked  virgin girls are paraded in front of the King annually, to celebrate chastity and unity, and it is during this occasion that the King choses a new wife, after deflowering virgin girls in the name of testing their virginities.
Report says this controversial issue has been a long time tradition in Swaziland.
The Reed Dance ceremony, known as Umhlanga reveals thousands of Swaziland’s ‘prettiest virgins’ dancing topless for King Mswati III, every August, hoping to be his next wife.
The story goes that under age girls are being publicly checked to ascertain their virginity.

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