Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Operation SparrowHawk - Present CRTV DG Amadou Vamoulke might soon join predecessor Gervais Mendo Ze in Kondengui Central Prison

In the ongoing legal proceedings against Gervais Mendo Ze former Boss of the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation CRTV, the State Counsel General of the Special Criminal Court said current investigations on the case against the accused is not a one man target, implying systematically that the present Boss Amadou Vamoulke, is also a target of the  ongoing investigation.

      Amadou Vamoulke - Present Boss                         Gervais Mendo Ze - Former Boss

Amadou Vamoulke on liberty, has already appeared before this jurisdiction three times, and it is quite likely that his fourth appearance will land him in the Republic of Kondegui.

He was being questioned on the alledged misuse of 3 Billion Francs, in connection with the Mendo Ze's embezellement allegations.

During the 19th Feb. 2016 hearing, Mendo Ze's lawyers requested  that the jury end all legal proceedings against him, due to the non respect and violation of certain clauses by the Higher States Control and the Ministry of Finance. They outlined that during the control period of CRTV, their client was not there to respond to certain spot questions, and that any manipulation might have taken place to incriminate the former CRTV Boss.

On this note, the hearing was adjourned for the 3rd of March.

Taking to the stand on the 3rd, Mr. Nchankou speaking for the Ministry of Finance said that there was no violation of procedures during the control, as Mendo Ze's presence was not needed during the audit, because his records are normally supposed to be clean and readily available for any Spot Check.

Closing what was termed "Part One" of the Mendo ze's case, the State Counsel General said there were other targets of the State Audit at CRTV, and that the culprits will be brought to the book if found wanting. 

The session was again adjourned to the 24th of March, for the unfolding  of "Part Two" of the proceedings.

With multiple adjournments, one could read from the sad and curious faces of friends and relatives of the accused who filled the hall expecting to return home with him, that the proceedings are going to be unending, as they silently questioned; "how much longer will this go on?".

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