Thursday, 10 March 2016

Kenyan Prophet who had an encounter with God storms Nigeria to end doctrine of Mega Pastors who preach money

– Kenyan prophet who claims to have spoken with God about the coming of the Messiah is in Nigeria – Says Nigeria is a God-fearing nation– Adds that the hearts of Nigerians need to be prepared for the coming of the Messiah

Prophet David Owunor, the Kenyan pastor who is in Nigeria for a crusade. Photo: The Nation

Prophet David Owunor, the Kenyan pastor who is in Nigeria for a crusade.

David Owunor, a Kenyan prophet who just arrived Nigeria for a crusade, has stated that he is on a mission to the country to put an end to the ‘gospel of money’. 

Reports says that the prophet who addressed newsmen at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja Lagos on Thursday, March 10, is to be guest minister at an interdenominational Christian platform, ‘Repent Now Nigeria’ holding at the MUSON Centre, Lagos. 

He said: “Nigeria is a God fearing nation, but now if they are really God-fearing, then this is the moment to return to the true gospel of cross and the blood- the holy salvation and the gospel that is not connected to money- that we may prepare the hearts of the people and the nation for the coming of the Messiah and then everything else will follow. 

“The Bible says seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will fall in place. So I really bring the message of holiness of repentance and to prepare for the coming of the King.

So the kingdom of the church you see in Nigeria now, the building of universities, the money and private aircraft acquired with big money and all of that is going to come down. That is why I have come. I come with tremendous powers and there is no question about that.” 

Prophet Owunor, a former doctorate research at various universities in the US before becoming a clergy, claimed that God has spoken with him about the coming of the Messiah and that he has also spoken with John the Baptist. According to him: 

This is the moment of the latter rain, the latter visitation, and so you have to at this time, come on board and Nigeria also has to come on board and this revival has no bounds. However, there is no time. “Whatever that has been instructed out is going to be given out; big harvest is taking place, visitation is taking place.

So I really come to rise up against the gospel of money, that is in this city. The gospel of buy your morning water, whichever water, gather people from Southern Africa, carry money to greet the men of God. 

“So, all that is going to come down now. We will now return to Christ Jesus the Lord and to the free salvation of the Cross and blood and then of course, there’s a healing service coming up and the Lord will begin an open heaven here by the visiting of this land to establish the message. The Messiah is coming, let us prepare together.” 

Meanwhile, a preacher has been arrested by officials of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) after he was caught preaching in a train without a ticket. Reports says that the gospel preacher was arrested alongside other persons on March 10 at Agbado train station in Ogun state. 

Members of the task force assigned to maintain order aboard the train apprehended the preacher and other persons for not having tickets which was against the laid down rule.

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