Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Identity Theft - Who is using Fake Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with the Identity of Roger Milla?

Albert Roger Milla

The Roving Ambassador of Cameroon Albert Roger Mila has launched an official complaint to judicial officials against an unknown person or group of persons for creating fake accounts on social media with his identity.

The fake Facebook account which was used to mobilize the population during the Monique Koumateke-Laquintini incident was created on July 1, 2014, and till March 17 2016 when it was discovered, has 11 200 followers.

In a released statement on Cameroon Tribune regarding this, Milla said; "I Albert Roger Milla just found out that there are unauthorized persons who are holders of Facebook, websites and other internet media on behalf of Roger Milla or Albert Roger Milla. Given this situation, I declare being owner of no Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp accounts or any website, apart from those for the exclusive use of my Foundation -Coeur d'Afrique - Fondation Roger Milla".

While unsure as to when his attention was drawn to this, Milla apologises to fans and other individuals who might have been hurt by messages from these sources, and reaffirms that he has never had anything to do with the social medias as an individual or in the capacity of Roger Milla.

The big question is "Who are the perpetrators of these crimes?

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