Thursday, 17 March 2016

Grace DECCA Covers Deido Boys Magazine

Deido Boy Magazine chosed just the perfect icon to grace their cover, and inside, reveals everything thing you need to know about this Queen of Hearts of all time, who recently turned to Gospel  to add her Tout Terrain Musical Credentials.

6th child in a family of 11 children, Grace Decca is from a family of renowned Cameroonian atists. . Her maternal great grand father Lobe Lobe Ramaeu  was one of the Makossa pioneers, and the late Eboa Lotin too was her uncle. 

Grace is equally the senior sister to artists Dora Decca, and Isaac Decca whose music she produces. She is the junior sister to Veteran Makossa Tough guy Ben Decca, who introduced her to the music environment in 1983. 

Known as Cameroon's most renowned artist, Grace released her first solo album produced by Chez Issimo Production in 1989. Crowned sucessively many times as  Best Female Artist, Best female albums Grace was nominated twice in 1993 at the African Awards in Abidjan. Her 1999 success album "Appelle-moi Princesse" that opened her up to the world was the Best sold, and landed her the crown for Best Female Album that year, and also the Prix Bernard Folon for Artistic Maturity.

In 2001-2002, Grace Decca's album "Donne-moi un peu d'amour" was the Best Sold Female Album. In 2003, that same album was still the Best sold, and was the Best Album of th year in all categories, with a Trophy of Prix d'Excellence Artistic from Africn Ladies, to crown the album's success.

After her recent successful musical tours in Cameroon, Gabon and Ivory Coast, Grace Decca confirms that she will debut  her Euro -American tour from the 4th of June 2016 at the BB Sawa event in Germany.

Grace Decca is the most respected artist of her generation, and a model for Cameroonin youths. Known for her glamourous elegance, she has a  fashion robe in her name, that originated from her style of dressing.

Wife of the General Manager of Camair-Co, the down to earth Diva of all time  has a rich Discography, made up of"  'Mouna, Donne-moi un peu d'amour, Appelles-moi princessse, Bwanga bwan, Le Duo, Doi La Mulema and Mambo'

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