Thursday, 3 March 2016

Footall – Samuel Eto’o - MooEtoo - A Video Game named after ther International striker to be released soon

16 million F CFA is what will cost  StudioSdk Games Africa to accomplish the project of a video game on the entire life of Cameroon's Goleador and International Striker Samuel Eto'o Fils.
In a press release on the 1st of March 2016, Yves Christian Fongang Co-founder of SDK Games Africa said: 60% of this amount will be to design the game, 10-15% will be for sound, 10% for promotion, while 5% will be the cost of Freudon. 
Finances for this project will come from a fundraising campaign on the Freudon platform, which kicks off on the 31st of Mrch 2016.
The images of the striker Samuel Eto'o Fils is the main personality of the game, and the objective of the game is to enable the player to exploit his football talents and follow his dream.
Specifically, it is a matter for the player to win games, trophies and money. To complete the adventure, the player must win a maximum of fans. He will therefore perform selfless acts that will appeal to the hearts of local people and increase the number of his fans, “the statement said.
Based in South Africa's capital Johannesburg, SDK Africa Games aims at providing more entertainment to Cameroon, to solve the problem of lack of African games and students know-how and Cameroonian graduates in the Video Game Design Field.
The studio has successfully created game for "Coller la Petite" by Cameroonian Crazy dude Franko, and the game has already recorded upto 50 000 downloads on Google Play. 
The positive note comes to us from rating 4.2 out of 5 ready with 500 voters. Which is very encouraging. Even if this attempt is not perfect, this ratio shows that the public is hungry for this kind of initiative “, indicated for this purpose Yves Christian Fongang.
SDK African Games is already partnering with Congolese Veteran artist Koffi Olomide, and gaming fans can  jump to their smartphones on Google Play, while waiting for Mootoo.

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