Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Did She just apologise? Cameroonian Actress Sende Bende's controverses in Monique Koumate's incident

After getting backlashed from the public on her  blatant point of view of the Monique Koumate's incident, the Cameroon Star Sende Bende apologetically took to Facebook to correct her mistakes


Dear Friends, followers, fans and family,
My name is SENDE Bende, a socialist and Film Actor, I write to thank you all for watching my back especially at this crucial moment that I react to what has been trending online about the LAQUANTINIE SCANDAL and my personal view point to the later.

Dear lovely people, I might have said it in a different tone but as a mother and female like late MONIQUE koumate (RIP).

I hereby send out this call as a total support for the bereaved family of KOUMATE and that justice should take its course.
My write up was to continuously support each and everyone of us to remain steadfast, be each and every ones keeper and look not on our government for decision making but to help those in malaise at every given moment.
I am SURE, as much as you all are supportive of this course, I am in no way indifferent.
Nevertheless, I withdraw, the errors in communicating my view points to the public as well as any such damages that this might have caused you emotionally.
Your thousand views only make me see how much love you too have for humanity and to my career. We can only read between the lines and not within our minds.
"Fire burns bad things and water quenches it's gravity".
God bless you all.
Ever loving 

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