Monday, 14 March 2016

Cameroon/Switzerland – Angry Cameroonian creates scandal at President Biya’s hotel![video]


An online video has surface, of an angry Cameroonian who went to the Intercontinental Hotel Geneva Switzerland, where President Paul Biya lodges and created a huge scandal.

The unidentified man who had a loudspeaker to sound his message loud that President Biya shoud come out of his 6th floor lodge, where he is hiding after decaring war against Boko Haram..

He continued that the Head of State spends Billions of F CFA in the said hotel, instead of using the money to develop villages, construct good roads, hospitals and schools.

The unidentified man's message went louder into all the hotel rooms, and the hotel manager came out to calm his rage, but the decided man shouted loudest that he won't leave the hotel premise until the Head of States leaves the hotel as well. 

In the background you can hear some Cameroonians explaining to passer-bys the raison d’être of the man's rage.

Watch Video Below:
Ça ce vraiment un Apprentis Sorcière

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