Sunday, 13 March 2016

Cameroon - Woman feeds househelp with her vomit - attempts to choke her to death

Catherine Ejake 48 is on the run, after the family of her four months service househelp contacted the police when she tried to kill the poor girl.

Berthe Akame 17 years was brought from Akonolinga by her mother's friend to work for Catherine Ejake as a resident housemaid, on a 25.000F CFA monthly salary. The poor girl who could not cook the delicacies of Catherine promised to learn as fast as she could to satisfy her.

Her first two months in Douala with Catherine was receptive, as Catherine who is neither married nor has children showed he an incarnated personality from her evil nature.

The third month, Catherine began portraying the real demon in her as she removed her menstrual towel soaked with blood and asked Berthe to wash, dry and iron. Then she brought her blood stained pants and forced the girl to clean them.

On the 24th of February, she asked the maid to prepare her pepper soup fresh fish and ripe plantains, since she complained of fiver. The poor girl applied her own cooking techniques and came out with the pepper, served Catherine, who ate and went back to bed, asking her to continue with her usual chores. 

Twenty minutes later, she called the maid to her room, where she had vomitted, and accused the poor girl of using harsh spices for the pepper soup that has upseted her stomach.

As the poor girl apologised and rushed to get a bucket and rag to come clean the mess, Catherine jumped out  from her bed and caught her, forced her to eat the entire vomit, 
The maid licked the trash with her tongue like a dog, and Catherine kicked her hard, telling her that the next time she mistakes her cooking, she will visit hell alive.

Berthe ran to bathroom and started vomiting out the trash in her, when Catherine came in and started pressing her neck till she choked and collapsed. 

As luck would have it, Berthe's mother's friend who brought her to Catherine had come to visit them and was at the door when she heard struggles and the noise inside. On arriving, she surprised Catherine on the girl's neck, and ran out calling for help. By the time neighbours got in, Catherine had disappeared.

Berth was rushed to the hospital, where she recovered one week after. 

Her family has put a complain at the Brigade de Recherche Ndobo Bonaberi, and Catherine Ejake is highly wanted to answer for her mischievious act.

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