Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cameroon - Robber killed at Presidential Resident Garoua

According to Le Jour Newspaper on Kiosk this Wednesday, an identified thief Hamidou Bouba was shot dead at the Presidential Resident in Garoua on the night of Monday breaking Tueday 22nd March 2016.

According to investigators, Hamidou came to steal grill panels to protect a tank in his resident. He had successfully removed five, and was struggling to pull the sixth, which apparently was heavier than the first five, when he missed his steps in the struggle, slipped and fell with the heavy panel.

The noise alerted the military guards on duty, who immediately took cover to best locate the direction of the noise. Then they saw a man trying to run away, and ordered him to stop, but he refused and tried to escape. They fired a bullet at him, that landed him into the cold hands of death.

It was only during the search on his body that an expired lost certificate of his Identity card  was found on him, bearing his photo and names.

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