Saturday, 12 March 2016

Cameroon Politics - PAP(People's Action Party) becomes Popular Action Party with Hon. Justice Ayah Paul still at the helm of the party

In a reaction to recent media publications of the firing of Hon. Justice Ayah Paul as PAP's National Chairman, the party released a statement to this effect, in which it warns authors and writers of the implications on propagating wrong information about the party.

The attention of PAP leadership has been drawn to some disparaging information maliciously disseminated by some media that Hon Ayah Paul Abine has been replaced at the helm of the party. We wish to inform PAP members, supporters and admirers that Hon Ayah Paul Abine is the current National President of Popular Action Party, formerly known as People’s Action Party.

Let it be known that, in a recent national council meeting of PAP, People’s Action Party was renamed Popular Action Party – PAP – and its National President, Hon Ayah Paul Abine, was given a mandate of not more than six months to call a meeting of PAP National Council to elect the national officials of the party. We have since notified the appropriate quarters about the change in the status of PAP as by law required.

Whoever is/are the author/authors of the false information may wish to get themselves ready to substantiate their information before the appropriate institutions put in place by the state for such purposes.

Done at Yaounde, this Thursday, the 10th day of March, 2016
                                                             Hon. Justice AYAH Paul

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