Friday, 4 March 2016

Cameroon - Operation SparrowHawk - Former Minister of Sports and Physical Education Adoum Garoua restricted from leaving the country

According to the Meteo Newspaper, the Delegate General of National Security under the instructions of the  State Counsel General of the Special Criminal Court, has instructed the Police at the borders of Cameroon not to to allow the former Minister of Sports and Physical Education Adoum Garoua to leave the country.

According to the paper, following the report of the investigations carried out by the Senior State Control in January 2015 on the 2014 Brasil WorldCup, Justine Aimée Ngounou, State Counsel General of the Special Criminal Court has restricted Adoum Garoua from leaving the country.

Investigations reveal an overspending on the money disbursed by Government for the event. After the 2014 World Cup, the Minister and his entourage, the technical and administrative team of the Indomitable Lions were each questioned by the Inspectors of the State Control.

After the questioning session, the Government  sent an Investigating Team to Brasil, to verify the authenticity of certain declarations made by some top officials of FECAFOOT, including that of Adoum Garoua. The team was also to investigate the cause of all the scandals that happened in Brasil during the event.

The Control Team had to investigate the number of people infitrated into the Cameroon Delegation at the expense of the Government ( information during the World Cup had it that some top officials,  travelled with their entire families including their parents, and friends who went with the delegation unauthorised, and who disappeared during and after the event)

It is the results of all these investigations, that the border police have been instructed not to allow Adoum Garoua(Former Minister of Sports and Physical Education), Andre Nguidjol(Former Administrative Director of the National Team), together with Jean William Sollo(Former DG of Camwater) to leave the country

These personalities are required to stay in the country, for judicial formalities.

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