Sunday, 20 March 2016

Cameroon - North West Region - Bangolan crisis - Fon Chaffa's son shot

Fon Chaffah must go, they want.
In a fresh clash from the ongoing Bangolan Chieftaincy battle, angry villagers stormed Chief Chaffa the XI's palace on Saturday 19th March, requesting him to leave the palace.

Fon Chaffa who was dethroned in his absence by his elites sometime last month, was forcefully put back to his traditional set by Government authorities, who arrested and detained almost 30 villagers.

Gun shots were fired in all angles of the palace by the palace guards, wounding four villagers. In a retaliation fight, the Fon's son got hitted by strayed bullets that seriously injured him.

The exasperated Fon Chaffa Isaac told the press that his palace was under fire, and that his son was in a critical condition.

The do or die villagers are requesting that their fellow villagers in detention at the Ndop prison since the begining of the crisis be released, and that Fon Chaffa steps down as their as their traditional ruler.

They have blocked the main entrances to the their village, making it difficult for the forces of law and order to intervene.


Half naked  women of the traditional TAKUMBENG secret society with wood ash all over their bodies are sitted at various entrance to the village to curse any security force coming to intervene in the matter, while youths carried placards inscribed "Isaac must go out of Bangolan, our Fon Slim mus return to the village".

Fon Chaffa has been trying to appease the anger of his subjects since the crisis meeting of 27th Feb at the Babessi, but his efforts are not good enough, because apparently, his detractors wants more than what he has to offer.

He is been accused of embracing religion and abolishing certain ancestral rites that were the antics and symbols of the culture tradition of the  Bangolan people.

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