Monday, 14 March 2016

Cameroon - Laquintinie Incident - CPDM MP calls on Public Health Minister to resign

In continuous support to the Koumate's for the lost of their wife and twins due to medical negligence at the Douala Laquintini hospital, Cameroonians high and low, far and near, are showing their solidarity at all level. The pain is too much. Something must be done, some one must pay for this.
It is in this light that Hon. Peter William MANDIO,  MP of the ruling CPDM party in Mbam & Inoubou has launched a petition for Cameroonians to react, and force the  Minister of Health Andre Mama Fouda to  step down. 
Read his letter below:
                                     Late Monique Koumate's cousine Mme Koffi who operated her with                               a blade to bring out the twins who unfortunately died
At the lead of this black series, a baby (a girl of less than one year) and sick stricken with severe anemia, was taken to the Chantal Biya Foundation (CBF) for proper care, the doctor ordered a blood transfusion. Parents went and bought a blood at the Yaounde Central Hospital. It should be noted that on arrival at the CBF, the baby had previously undergone an HIV test that was negative.
The scandal began a few days later when new blood tests on the child after transfusion revealed this baby was now HIV positive. Parents themselves were HIV negative after being tested the same day. They were asked by the Director of the hospital to go low profile on the dirty business through financial compensation. The doctors of the crime are still on the field. The blood from the blood bank of the Yaounde Central Hospital was contaminated and was even wrongly labeled with a different blood group.
At the Bonassama hospital – Bonaberi last week, a young lady died during surgery. The sudden loss of electrical power and a defective generator of this public hospital ended this fellow’s life.
Should I return to the case of Madame Hélène NGO KANA MFOMO, a young doctor, full of life in which her own colleagues imposed a medical tourism (she was carried to more than three so-called reference hospitals the same day) before letting her die due to lack of money at the Douala General hospital.
How awful! Those responsible for this crime syndicate are still not punished. I’m shocked, I have tears on hearing the scandal that just happened this March 12 at Laquintine hospital Douala, where the young KOUMATE Monique aged 31 and carrying a pregnancy of two babies passed away because there was no doctor at the maternity, no qualified nurse to give birth. Overtaken by events, her sisters who ran to save the lives of the two babies remained stuck in the belly and became butchers.
All three died. Unbearable! I accuse Minister André Mama Fouda on being complicit in all this drama. Because he nominates incompetent and inhuman people. Because he refuses to denounce and punish these criminals in white jackets, these carpet traders in laboratories, these death merchants. I demand that Minister André Mama Fouda resigns. I demand the dismissals of Mr. DISSONGO jean II – Director of Laquintine hospital in Douala, Mr. KOKI Ndombo Paul – Director of the Chantal Biya Foundation and Mr. BELLE PRISO – Director of Douala General Hospital and the director of the hospital of Bonassama.
I also ask that all the doctors and nurses of Douala and Yaounde involved in these four cases should be all arrested. And justice shall be done. Finally, it is urgent that the President of the Republic convenes the general public health staff in Cameroon. Our security depends on it.
Honorable Peter William MANDIO
CPDM MP of Mbam & Inoubou

God is still saying something.

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