Sunday, 13 March 2016

Cameroon - Health Minister Addresses Scandalous Laquintinie Hospital Incident

The Minister of Public Health André Mama Fouda is on the side of the Laquintinie hospital, as he attests that the late Monique Koumate was already dead before being brought to the Laquintinie hospital.

The Minister was addressing the issue in a Press Conference held at his Ministry held to this regard, after Cameroonians decried yet another medical negligence in our hospitals.

He refuted claims that the 7 months pregnant 31 years old woman died out of negligence from the medical personnels of the hospital, and rebuked the actions of Mme Koffi, sister of the deceased, saying that it is medically unethical to carry out surgery on a dead woman.

Analysing the Minister's statement, one can easily detect his exonerating the medical officials of the Laquintinie hospital, and implicating the sister of the deceased who is already in detention at the Gendarmerie Akwa Sud Salle de Fête.

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