Sunday, 13 March 2016

Cameroon - Doctor refuses to operate death woman pregnant with twins-sister of deceased performs surgery with blade removes babies - she is arrested and locked up

ATTENTION:  Sensitive Images and 
          Video Below. 


Just one week after the Minister signed a decree that hospitals should treat before asking patient to pay, the worst has happened.

A pregnant woman Monique Koumate died with twins in her womb, and was carried to the Laquintini hospital Douala, for her to be operated and the babies removed before her corpse will  be put in the morgue.

The doctor on duty refused to touch the corpse because the family could not afford to pay  the amount of money he requested from them.

The brave sister of the deceased whose sole name we got as Mme Koffi bought a blade and did the surgery and removed the babies who had already died  in their dead mother's womb.

She was arrested and is presently locked up at the Gendarmerie Akwa Sud Salle de Fête, where Lawyers are fighting hard for her liberty.


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