Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Cameroon – Bafoussam: Students detained for befriending their classmate who is an alledged thief

Four Lower Sixth students of the Government Bilingual Highschool Bafoussam have been under detention at the Bafoussam Judicial Police for the past 6 days, in connection with the theft of the sum of 200.000F CFA by one of their classmates who is also their friend.

The mother of the said class mate tabled a complain to the Judicial Police about him, for disappearing with her money.

In the course of the investigation of the boy's where about, the police arrested four of his friends, presuming they know the hideout of the thief.

These innocent boys are languishing in the police cell with their uniforms, and no one seems to understand here that the law declares any accused innocent, until proven otherwise.

What a Judicial System!

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